Privacy Policy

Information on the processing of personal data

You can then consult our information on the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 GDPR.


For Business Company S.p.A., Via V. Monti, 8, 20123 Milano, – (hereafter: BUSINESS COMPANY), the protection of your personal data has the highest priority. Of course, we comply with the relevant data protection laws and would like to inform you comprehensively about the processing of your data through the privacy policy below.

Your data for processing your orders

When you order a product from us, we always only ask you for the information strictly necessary to execute your orders or for billing purposes. In most cases, this information is limited to name, address, email, contract data and payment details.

  • Contract and billing data

Before your order

On the BUSINESS COMPANY websites we offer our customers and potential customers some practical services, for example to verify the availability of your website or your company on the internet. In order to obtain a configuration that is as in line with your needs as possible and in order to improve the service more and more, BUSINESS COMPANY anonymously records the data entered.

Contractual data

When ordering our product and/or service, we ask you to provide us with the data we need to execute your order. This contractual data is saved by us in our systems. You can request to change this data at any time by sending an email to

Billing data

In order to be able to provide you with transparent and understandable billing at any time, for some products and services it is necessary to temporarily store data relevant to billing. These include, for example, the configuration settings of our products and/or services to the extent that they are necessary for billing.

  • Personal browsing and access data and personal data related to the content

Usage data

We attach great importance to quality and reliability. However, sometimes it can happen that something does not work as we would like and as you would like. In order to provide competent and rapid assistance in such cases of malfunction, it may be useful to record during the operation some personal usage data and some traffic data and make them available to our support staff. We do this to execute the contract, as well as to design our products and services in line with your needs in compliance with the legal requirements.

Content data

For backup and maintenance purposes, we create backup files.

  • Use of your data

Use of your personal data
We need some of your personal data to process orders and to offer a customer-oriented service.

Processing of data after receipt of the order
It is our goal to offer convincing products and excellent services with the best value for money. In order for the processing processes to be carried out without difficulty, before confirming your contract we carry out an order check and also fraud prevention checks.

Contract information and customer information
You will receive from us by e-mail the information about the product/service you have chosen. To this end BUSINESS COMPANY will use the e-mail address you have entered.

Product information
In order to make the most of all the product benefits, we will send you tips and tricks, as well as useful and additional product solutions, to your email address. In addition, we will occasionally inform you by phone about interesting news. Give us permission to contact you by checking the relevant option. You can give us the consent required by law for each type of contract. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can withdraw your consent by writing to

Usage data within our services and products
Some usage data is collected while using our services and products. With this data, we are able to quickly identify and correct any errors that occur and continuously develop our services for you. In addition, we also use usage data to improve our products. To ensure the security of your data, we make it pseudonymized or anonymous prior to analysis.

Opinion polls
In order to offer you the best possible products and excellent services in the future, we need your support. For this reason, from time to time we send opinion polls to our customers, usually by email or in the form of a form on our website. Participation in these surveys is, of course, voluntary. Of course, you can object after the first submission at any time to send opinion polls to your address.

  • Transmission of data to third partiesPartner company
    Because we rely on partner companies for some of our products or sometimes even act as intermediaries, you need to disclose some of your data to third parties.Law enforcement
    Occasionally, we are obliged to disclose personal data to judicial authorities and courts for law enforcement purposes. We always ask for the correct documentation before disclosing any information.Prosecution
    In cases of irrecoverable claims or discrepancies between partners, we always try to reach an amicable agreement. If it is not reached, we carefully evaluate, when and to whom improper uses are reported.
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